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Shar­ing pet loss grief on social media July 1 2011

The Pass­ing of my Dog molly June 4 2011

Mod­ern Eti­quette: When Bob’s dog dies, do you send flow­ers? March 7 2011

Lessons on Liv­ing and Dying from My Canine Broth­ers Octo­ber 7 2010

Do Dogs show signs of mourn­ing? Sep­tem­ber 7 2010

Why are Some Causes of Grief Unac­cept­able to Soci­ety? August 11 2010

Why do we get so grief-stricken at the loss of a pet? June26 2010

What not to say to some­one who is Griev­ing the loss of a pet June 20 2010

New! Pet Loss & Grief Sup­port Pro­gram Offered by Ani­mal Spirit Network

June 1st 2010

Changes to the way we view pet loss and grief May 30th. 2010

Pet Funer­als May 9th 2010

An attor­ney reflects on the life and death of his Labradors May 4th 2010

Pet loss memo­r­ial ser­vice May4th 2010

Help­ing Cats Cope with the Loss of Other Pets. April 26,2010

Ask Amy: A cat owner ago­nizes about death. March 10,2010

Death and Guilt March 9, 2010

Pre-Grief: The Gate­way to Grace March 1, 2010

Ani­mal shel­ters reach out to griev­ing pet own­ers Feb 25,2010

Is it nor­mal to grieve over the loss of a pet more than the loss of a fam­ily member

A young boy grieves the loss of his pet ham­ster Dec 19,2009

emo­tional value of pets is under­es­ti­mated Nov 30, 2009

motorist offers com­fort after loss of pet Nov 27,2009

Read­ers answer” Should pets be shown that its part­ner pet is dead Nov 25,2009

More peo­ple are send­ing pet loss sym­pa­thy cards Nov 24,2009

After a loved one dies, most peo­ple see ghosts Nov 15,2009

What should I tell my chil­dren Nov 5,2009

Read­ers answer the ques­tion” Do ani­mals have an after life?” Oct 31,2009

Pet ceme­tery offers final rest­ing place for ani­mals 2009

Coun­sel­lor con­sid­ers the loss of her own pet Nov 6,2009

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