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Sharing pet loss grief on social media July 1 2011

The Passing of my Dog molly June 4 2011

Modern Etiquette: When Bob’s dog dies, do you send flowers? March 7 2011

Lessons on Living and Dying from My Canine Brothers October 7 2010

Do Dogs show signs of mourning? September 7 2010

Why are Some Causes of Grief Unacceptable to Society? August 11 2010

Why do we get so grief-stricken at the loss of a pet? June26 2010

What not to say to someone who is Grieving the loss of a pet June 20 2010

New! Pet Loss & Grief Support Program Offered by Animal Spirit Network

June 1st 2010

Changes to the way we view pet loss and grief May 30th. 2010

Pet Funerals May 9th 2010

An attorney reflects on the life and death of his Labradors May 4th 2010

Pet loss memorial service May4th 2010

Helping Cats Cope with the Loss of Other Pets. April 26,2010

Ask Amy: A cat owner agonizes about death. March 10,2010

Death and Guilt March 9, 2010

Pre-Grief: The Gateway to Grace March 1, 2010

Animal shelters reach out to grieving pet owners Feb 25,2010

Is it normal to grieve over the loss of a pet more than the loss of a family member

A young boy grieves the loss of his pet hamster Dec 19,2009

emotional value of pets is underestimated Nov 30, 2009

motorist offers comfort after loss of pet Nov 27,2009

Readers answer” Should pets be shown that its partner pet is dead Nov 25,2009

More people are sending pet loss sympathy cards Nov 24,2009

After a loved one dies, most people see ghosts Nov 15,2009

What should I tell my children Nov 5,2009

Readers answer the question” Do animals have an after life?” Oct 31,2009

Pet cemetery offers final resting place for animals 2009

Counsellor considers the loss of her own pet Nov 6,2009

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