motorist offers comfort after loss of pet

Motorist offers com­fort after loss of pet

Fri­day, Novem­ber 27, 2009 

(Updated 7:54 am)

On Nov. 2, my hus­band and I were work­ing in the yard. Along­side of us was Buffy, our lit­tle Yorkie.

We did not real­ize it, but Buffy had got­ten too close to the road and a car came along and hit her. The car did not stop.

A woman named She­lia saw the acci­dent and stopped. She picked Buffy up and brought her over to us.

She con­tin­u­ally apol­o­gized for the loss of our lit­tle Buffy.

Heart­bro­ken, we buried Buffy. Later that evening, we had an engage­ment for about two hours. When we returned home there was a beau­ti­ful bou­quet of flow­ers with a sym­pa­thy card wait­ing for us. The card sim­ply read ?Shelia.?

She­lia, your act of kind­ness has meant so much to us dur­ing this time of grief. It gives us com­fort to know that such a car­ing indi­vid­ual took her time to show us love when we needed it so much.

Thank you for your kind­ness, and may God bless you.

? Chester and Marie Turner, Climax


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